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Rebekah Lührs


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Accompanied mainly by piano, Rebekah’s musical elegance and captivating vocals have been said to fall somewhere between the soul-searching serenades of Tori Amos and playful spiritedness of Regina Spector. 

Extended Bio

Rebekah grew up in a house of worship music, the beach boys, and Led Zeppelin. She loved singing from an early age and started playing around with piano in her teens. Artist such as Damian Rice, Brandi Carlile, and Taylor Swift have been her close ally’s over the years. Her all-time favorite band is Over the Rhine, a married duo who has produced decades of music filled with raw authenticity, visual storytelling, sweeping melodies, and deep seated, yet simple, truths.

Living in Anchorage, Alaska she spent five years sharing her music with community. She performed at local music festivals, open mic nights, annual pride festivals, and at the Radical Arts for Women’s’ Annual Celebration of Change. She even perform at the Summer Solstice Music Festival in the remote Port Protection. Commissioned to write an original song for a modern dance piece, she played and sang for the series of live performances at the University of Alaska. Over the years, she has held several headlining showcases, both in Alaska and more recently in North Carolina.  


When Rebekah left Alaska, she sold her piano and took a 6-year hiatus from writing and performing music. In 2021, on the open fields of a Construction Solar Job in Maine, music began to resurface, bubbling back up with a new life and purpose.  After 20 years of songwriting, Rebekah has ventured to take her first series of formal songwriting course through the Songwriting School of Los Angels. She plans to record her first album this summer.

The Journey

A journey away from the Christian faith

And into Christ Consciousness 

Rebekah Lührs

2023 Demo Album

All demo donations will go towards professionally recording this album in early Summer!

I began by music writing journey composing worship songs, pouring my love and devotion into honoring the Creator. My family lived and breathed walking the wide and open path of faith (as opposed to the straight and narrow). When it was time to go to college, I chose a small liberal arts college in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. As a freshman, I declared myself a music major. I was going to be a Christian music artist.


I was eager to make my faith my own. I read that when you feel strongest in your relationship with Christ, the next step is to genuinely dive deep within and question the root of your faith. Trusting that God will reveal himself to you, you fully emerging into a relationship with Him that is forever unwavering.


There was no question that I was ready for the next step. I dove in heart first. I searched the deepest darkest corners of my doubt, pulling them to the surface, and spreading them out like a collage of magazine clippings on my dorm floor. My doubts were a fresh mountain spring bringing forth a force of endless natural uncertainties. And one by one, I laid them each out in their colorful menagerie before God. As my good intentioned masterpiece took shape, I stood back and asked him to clarify for me, to show me, and to reveal before me the raw truth of his nature.


Amid all of my uncertainties, God's answer to my call was not one of them.  Eyes towards the heavens, heart exploding with anticipation and humility,  the only response to descend was a deafening silence. Fear began to creep in. What had I done? In the emptiness of the silence, I tried to fall back into what I knew. I sang songs of worship and poured out my gratitude in an attempt to undo what had happened. But my actions were empty and felt forced.


For months I was in shock, moving through the motions of life like a ghost with no purpose. Was God testing me in his distance and silence? Those once close to me, offered superficial encouragement as they backed slowly. It was as if my uncertainty was a transmittable disease they would catch if they got to close. For the first time in my life, I was truly alone. In the years that followed, music was the friend that stood by me without judgment, listening to my deepest cries, and whispering that everything would be okay.


Song writing became the way I processed my internal and external worlds. I shifted from words of praise and glory to exploring truths I could touch and grasp within my direct experience. My lyrics unknotted the questions that haunted me, they explored the relationships and friendships that shaped my life, and they brought to light shared truths and universal connections. It was private, intimate, and very personal. Like a leather-bound journal of secrets, I did not share my music openly or publicly.


Never giving up on my quest for a universal connection to a creator, I built a new foundation for my life taking what I intuitively felt to be true and leaving out what did not fit. Stillness and silence became my teachers. I quickly learned that there is no syllabus for finding truth. We simply have to open ourselves to it. Music was the gateway that allowed me to dance around, acknowledge, and ultimately step into truth.


Eventually I began to hear the small voice inside whispering that we each hold the answers to the universe inside of ourselves; that we are each made in the image of the Creator, and by default, are the creator of our own realities.


Over the years, I have come to know God as timeless love; as the fabric that holds everything into existence. God is a force far more expansive and encompassing then my mind in this life can comprehend. For me, I have found that he cannot be limited to the scriptures of the past and the modern interpretations of man. He can only be found within his creation, and ultimately in each of us.


As I look back on that day when I first questioned God, letting him know that I was ready for that next step, he was not testing me in his silence. He was opening the door for me to experience the limitlessness of his creation, of source energy, of our inner connection with nature and each other. I was being guided to become my own teacher, to find a deeper truth beyond the confines of religion, and to walk in his wisdom and understanding through a direct experience with him.


As a singer / songwriter, writing music has been a testament to the lifelong journey of seeking truth. Song and lyric has the power to bring people together, to unite us across all differences, and uncover the nature of our shared experience. In those early days of seeking, I was so desperately alone. I felt I had nowhere to turn and that no one could understand where I was. My music is a love letter to this journey and as words and melody reach to touch the surface of our shared experience, I hope others feel less alone.

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