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Rebekah Lührs


Rebekah Luhrs is a singer, songwriter, and impromptu pianist.  Accompanied mainly by the piano, Rebekah’s musical elegance and captivating vocals are said to fall somewhere between the soul-searching serenades of Tori Amos and the playful spiritedness of Regina Spector. Rebekah draws her audience in with sweeping cumulous melodies, playful storytelling, and the exploration of universal and paradoxical themes.

For over 20 years Rebekah has been writing music, shifting in and out of various genres, and musical expressions.  Her lyrics explores themes of self-discovery, universal connection, natural and ethereal existence, and empowerment.  In different musical lifetimes, she’s performed in church worship bands, at pride festivals, local fundraisers, music festivals, and has headlined several Singer/Songwriter showcases.

Living outside of Asheville, NC Rebekah is excited to share her music with community. She is eager to connect with other songwriters and musicians, especially those drawn to music for ceremony and empowerment. 


Rebekah’s musical elegance and captivating vocals have been said to fall somewhere between the soul-searching serenades of Tori Amos and playful spiritedness of Regina Spector. 



You can find Rebekah's original music on Youtube as well as Facebook and Instagram. She is in the process of professionally recording her first handful of songs. To join her for this adventure, "Follow," "Like," and whatever else people do on Social Media! 

Begin Anew (Original song in progress)

Riverside Prayer (Original Song)

For more original music and covers, visit Rebekah's YouTube Channel!

Extended Bio

Extended Bio

Rebekah grew up in Humboldt County, singing amidst the fairies of the Redwood Forest, and swimming with the melodies of Moonstone Beach. As she entered her teenage years, her family moved to the cement slab that is Murfreesboro, TN. Music came with her. Occasionally she found that same free-spirited connection in an overgrown abandoned utility lot behind her house, and even hummed along with the septic outflow of the Stone’s River. She also found music in a YMCA gymnasium under the lights of a makeshift sanctuary. In high school, Rebekah joined the church worship team and started writing worship music. With dreams of becoming  a contemporary Christian songwriter, she moved to the foothills of the Smokey mountains to attend Maryville College.


Freshman year, she discovered that formal classical training was not her path. Sophomore year, she found herself on the outskirts of a once all-encompassing faith. Music became the friend that stood by without judgment, listening and baring witness to her journey. She began to find connection once again returning to the natural elements that surrounded her and learning to trust the voice of her inner guidance. 

As a timber framer, AcroYoga instructor, retreat facilitator, herbal crafter, and community space holder, songwriting is one of her many forms of creative expression.

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