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Music is the breath of spirit, expressing what words only reach for. Effortlessly inhaling and exhaling, music has the capacity to open the innermost portals of our being, to remind us of the deep truths within ourselves, and to connect us with both a collective awareness and with spirit.  For Rebekah, music is a gateway that leads to deeper connection, to embracing authenticity, and reconnecting to the deepest part of ourselves – the part that it inseparable from the divine.  

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For Rebekah, music is a connection that flows through, a conversation between our collective knowing and individual experience. We each have the capacity to touch this deeper knowing and through her offerings she invites the listener to meet her in a place of introspection and growth, joyfulness and expansion. Her lyrics explore themes of self-discovery, universal connection, natural and ethereal existence, and transformation.  

Drawing listeners in with sweeping cumulous melodies, playful storytelling, and the exploration of universal and paradoxical themes, her music spans both conscious folk and spiritual/ceremony genres. Her musical elegance and captivating vocals are said to remind listeners of the soul-searching serenades of Tori Amos and the playful spiritedness of Regina Spector. 

Rebekah has been writing music for over 20 years and is excited to begin sharing music with community. Currently Rebekah is living between Wartburg, TN and Asheville, NC. She looks forward to connecting with other songwriters and musicians, especially those drawn to music for ceremony and community connection. 

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You can find Rebekah's original music on Youtube as well as Facebook and Instagram. Join her newsletter below for updates on new music, shows, and other adventures.  


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