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East Tennessee in officially home!


My year in New Zealand was transformative, to say the least. Having the opportunity to consistently teach acro yoga, I recognized something vital about myself: teaching and empowering positive growth in communities is what I am passionate about. Also, it is profound how life seems to come full circle. After five years of living in Alaska, three on the road, and one in New Zealand, I know that Knoxville is where my heart wants to be. I am ready to set down roots, invest in my community, and build lasting relationships. I am so excited also to be close to my sister, the Smoky Mountains, and my family at Tickleberry Manor Goats


In December 2015, I completed my Yoga Teacher Certification Training at the Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina. This experience has deepened my yoga practice and expanded my skill set as an instructor exponentially. In the Spring of 2016, I also attended two 30-hour AcroYoga Immersion training. These trainings provided me with tools and resources to truly take my acro teaching to the next level while also confirming that I am on the path I am supposed to be. 


In April 2016 I launched AcroKnox as a platform to build an AcroYoga community here in Knoxville. I teach weekly Acro workshops and classes at Dragonfly Aerial Arts Studio and partner with Knoxville Acro-balance, Flow & Fire Jam to host weekly jams and events. As the interest and community build, I hope to offer acro classes and workshop series at other studios. 


I am also excited to announce that I will attend the 2016 AcroYoga Teacher Training in October. Because of the support and encouragement of the AcroYoga community, I feel I am ready to take this step. I will have more information on this in the next few weeks!

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Teaching and practicing yoga, for me, is a lifestyle. As an individual, it is a way for me to push myself to grow both physically and spiritually. AcroYoga opens a space for participants to support one another and be supported, to trust and be trusted, and to explore ways to communicate using all senses. The practice embodies core principles that I strongly stand by in my personal life and am passionate about sharing with others: communication, partnership, trust, and personal transformation. As an instructor, it is my intention to empower others to allow these core principles to pour into all aspects of their lives and relationships.  

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